Developing leaders with character and integrity.

Texas Leadership Charter Academy School San Angelo – TLCA Developing leaders

Texas Leadership Charter Academy School San Angelo – TLCA Developing Leaders. TLCA is an open enrollment Public Charter School in San Angelo, Texas. We have a great vision for creating leadership, responsibility, character and success within our students. These traits will carry on into their adult lives and ultimately into our community and beyond. Our growth and the demand for more from the school is a testament to the hard work of our staff. TLCA is a great school and we are dedicated to making it even better with your help. Please feel free to call or stop by for a visit. We welcome you into our school and would be honored to call you a partner in this endeavor.

Friday, April 18, and Monday, May 19, are now both instructional days to make up for time lost due to winter weather. Classes will now be held on both days.

Board of Directors and Officers: Raymond Meza, President - Tommy Olive, Vice-President - Bridget Carr, Secretary/Treasurer - Walt Landers, Chancellor/CEO/Board Member - Ron Ledbetter, Superintendent of Schools/CFO/Board Member - Scott White, COO

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